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Tucson, Arizona

Contact Information

If you, your business, or organization are interested in becoming a part of the Disability Initiative Workgroup, please contact Rosa Mathews at [email protected].

If you are already a member of the Disability Initiative Workgroup and have questions regarding the IRS participation, then please contact Rosa Mathews at [email protected].

Disability Initiative Workgroup

The concept of a disability initiative was discussed with the EITC Task Force of Southern Arizona and all parties were in agreement to integrate a disability initiative effort into existing efforts. During last tax season efforts were made to increase the number of taxpayers with disabilities served by the EITC Task Force of Southern Arizona. The Task Force was able to prepare 775 tax returns for residents with disabilities of Southern Arizona. Plans for Tax Year 2009 include expanding the CA$H (Creating Assets, $avings, and Hope) asset development program into more than the five VITA sites that were included this year.

Although all VITA sites are accessible to those with physical disabilities, the Task Force still finds it very important to have a mobile tax team that visits locations such as assisted living centers and the Community Outreach Program for the Deaf (COPD) office to better serve taxpayers with disabilities in our community.