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San Antonio, Texas
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If you, your business, or organization are interested in becoming a part of the Disability Initiative Workgroup, please contact Austin Dullnig of San Antonio REI Tour Workgroup at [email protected].



If you are already a member of the Disability Initiative Workgroup and have questions regarding the IRS participation, then please contact Yolanda Cantu at [email protected].

Disability Initiative Workgroup

The City of San Antonio REI Tour workgroup is part of the Alamo City Coalition for Economic Self Sufficiency.  The coalition operates approximately 30 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites throughout the city each filing season, as well as asset building opportunities for low to moderate income individuals and families.  Last filing season, the coalition completed more than 37,000 free tax returns for lower income tax payers last year, and has a goal of 50,000 free returns for the 2010 filing season.  Key members of the tour workgroup are:  

Antioch Community Transformation Network (ACTN):  ACTN serves the east side of San Antonio, Texas, a disadvantaged, predominantly minority community, offering programs in adult literacy, financial literacy, parenting education, health education, after school and summer youth programs, and community outreach.  ACTN also operates two Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites for the coalition. ACTN will serve as the lead and fiscal agent for this grant.
City of San Antonio, Department of Community Initiatives (DCI):  DCI provides a majority of all human services for the City and is responsible for managing more than twenty-five VITA sites and coordinating all coalition media events and marketing efforts.

San Antonio Independent Living Services (SAILS):  SAILS operates an independent living center primarily staffed and governed by persons with disabilities and provides various services to people with disabilities in the community and operates a VITA tax preparation site.

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio:  Goodwill’s workforce services help people with disabilities and other barriers to employment prepare for, find and retain meaningful employment.  Goodwill is the largest employer of people with disabilities in the community and will host and/or co-host events with the partnership. 

San Antonio Lighthouse:  The Lighthouse provides rehabilitation services and employment opportunities for persons with visual disabilities.  Services are also provided to the general disability population.  The Lighthouse will co-host the disability event with our tour partners, and conduct various outreach efforts for their clients.
Workforce Solutions Alamo:  Workforce Solutions Alamo provides employment services to more than 25,000 businesses and 1.5 million residents in San Antonio and 12 surrounding counties.


The tour workgroup will enhance the existing coalition to serve persons with disabilities and their families by encouraging more coalition members to participate in the Super Saturday event held every tax filing season.  This event is dedicated to preparing federal tax returns specifically for individuals with disabilities.  The coalition will work to once again bring a wide array of human service providers as well as financial instititution’s from throughout the community to this event to provide and distribute information about services and benefits. Due to the potential challenges that a taxpayer with a disability may face when using a VITA site, the coalition will also utilize the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Mobile Team to travel on site to organizations that serve the disabled populations such as San Antonio Light House.  This allows organizations to coordinate transportation and other accessibility accommodations to better suite clients needs.  In addition, the tour workgroup will continue to strengthen its partnership with The National Veterans Outreach Program which is a Texas based program offering military veterans affordable housing; transitional shelter, counseling, employment assistance for homeless veterans; and for all veterans, employment counseling, training and placement services.  Through the use of VITA mobile teams, the tour workgroup will travel to NVOP veteran’s shelters to prepare tax returns on-site. Finally, San Antonio Independent Living Services will also partner with the VITA program to offer tax preparation on site for the disabled population on a convenient appointment basis.