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El Paso, Texas

Contact Information

If you, your business, or organization are interested in becoming a part of the Disability Initiative Workgroup, please contact Mark Alvarado, Neighborhood Services Coordinator, City of El Paso at [email protected] or Larry Garcia, President/CEO, El Paso Affordable Housing at [email protected].

If you are already a member of the Disability Initiative Workgroup and have questions regarding the IRS participation, then please contact Maria Bustamante at [email protected].

Disability Initiative Workgroup

The El Paso Coalition for Family Economic Progress (CFEP) is an alliance of 21 private, public, and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the economic empowerment of working families in the greater El Paso area.  CFEP’s success lies in helping low-to-moderate income families join the economic mainstream by promoting the effective use of their Earned Income and Child Tax credits in long-term asset development strategies. CFEP’s successful VITA program has helped thousands of area families by offering free tax-related assistance such as electronic tax preparation, assistance with Individual Tax Identification Numbers, and controversy case referrals to the local controversy Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.  

CFEP provides its services to low-to-moderate income families who live within the border community of El Paso County, Texas and parts of Southern New Mexico.  This service area includes the cities of El Paso, Socorro, Horizon, Fabens, Tornillo, San Elizario, and the New Mexico communities of Sunland Park, Anthony (NM), Santa Teresa, and Chamberino.  In addition, CFEP provides assistance to foreign residents who work in El Paso and its outlying rural communities.  From 2006-2008, CFEP serviced approximately 19,000 El Paso families with free tax preparation services.  During this 3 year period, $25.7million was garnered in refunds, $13.7million in Earned Income Tax Credits, and $3.9million in Child Tax Credits.   During the 2009 tax season, CFEP conducted a client survey at all tax sites with 100% client participation.  The results concluded that  30% of the taxpayers had a disabillity or had a person with a disability in the household.   This was a total of 1,523 taxpayers.  CFEP is well aware of these challenges and has targeted VITA to serve in areas were persons with disabilities and their families, with limited means of transportation can access them—especially in many of the Colonias which lay both in the Western and Eastern-most fringes of the county.

For the 2010 filing season, CFEP has several planned activities that will expand the services that are provided to persons with disabilities and their families.  CFEP's plans for sustaining and growing the program long term include expanding into additional underserved areas, maintaining current partnerships and establishing new ones, creating solid super sites with reliable Site Coordinators, and increasing staff capacity for the VITA program.  Some of the organizations we plan to partner with are the El Paso Rehabilitation Center, El Paso Housing Authority, VOLAR, Candlelighters, and La Familia.  These organizations all provide services for persons with disabilities and their families.  CFEP already serves a large number of persons with disabilities and their families and these activities will expand and enhance the services that we provide.