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Cincinnati, Ohio


Contact Information

If you, your business, or organization are interested in becoming a part of the Disability Initiative Workgroup, please contact Lucy Crane of United Way of Greater Cincinnati at [email protected].

If you are already a member of the EITC Regional Collaborative and have questions regarding the IRS participation, then please contact John Crawford at [email protected] or Kathy Schottelkotte at [email protected].


EITC Regional Collaborative - Disability Initiative Workgroup

Starting in 2007-08 the Collaborative developed specific outreach efforts to low-income disability populations through participation in the National Disabilities Institute’s Real Economic Impact Tour.

Based on survey data collected during the 2009 tax preparation season, 18.9% percent of all taxpayers receiving VITA services had a disability or had household members with disabilities, which represents an estimated 1,529 returns averaging $1,390 in refunds and $1,400 in the EITC.

The Collaborative has continued the efforts started with the Real Economic Impact Tour grant and provide outreach to disability service providers. The goal of this outreach is to educate service providers on the availability of free tax preparation, EITC eligibility and how it relates to other public benefits, and highlighting accessible sites. This outreach is conducted through meetings with groups of service providers and includes interpreters for the hearing impaired.

In 2011 we provided roving tax sites at 6 disability sites. We had our roving sites at Goodwill, Hearing Speech & Deaf Center, (2) Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health locations and Boone Adult Work Activity Center, BAWAC. Agencies were responsible to conduct internal campaigns informing clients of the opportunity to have their taxes prepared at the organization and schedule consumers for appointments. Interpreters were provided as needed for the hearing impaired at these sites.

In 2011 our Legal Aid Society did presentations on potential scams to which persons w/disabilities could be vulnerable, and the relationship of public benefits to tax preparation. The presentations were done September - January at five local community service agencies.

In 2009, the Collaborative provided one day of tax preparation at the Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center, serving six clients. In 2011 we provided the equivalent of six additional days of tax preparation in 2010 for people with disabilities. We estimate that 68 people with disabilities took advantage of these sites. In 2012 we focused efforts on the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center and prepared 23 taxes for filers.