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It will be interesting to know that Toronto could be the host city for the 2026 World Cup. Toronto and Vancouver will be among the 16 North American cities to host the World Cup. The championship will take place in 2026. Sports journalist Irfaan Ghaffar said Toronto and Vancouver would be the only Canadian cities to host championship games. In sports, few things are more exciting than cheering on your favorite team. In addition to the sporting action, sports betting often maintains interest. Adrenaline during the game increases a thousandfold. Modern technology and development provide the opportunity to use crypto currency casino Canada. You can not just be a fan of your favorite team but also make money on it.

Soap bubbles, taffy, choral singing, and kissing - soccer fans are ready for anything if only their favorite team would win. Sports fans often use the image of the flag - they can draw a banner on their faces and throw a flag over their shoulders. This is just a kind of designation of belonging to the state, the people. Especially when the spectators do it at the stadium to be different from the fans of other countries. Fans from different countries have their secrets of victory.

Poznan, Poland

KKS Lech Poznan fans turn away from the field, much to the delight of the players. The fans hug and jump, showing the team and spectators the numbers of their favorite players on their backs. The call to ""Make Poznan!"" is now understood by fans outside Poland as well. Fans of various clubs have taken over the Poles' tradition.
The start of the game is greeted with the locomotive whistle and the clatter of wheels.

London (Croydon), United Kingdom

The key to the players' success is the flight of an eagle, say Crystal Palace Football Club fans. Before a match at the home stadium, the team's mascot, a white-headed eagle named Kayla, performs a lap of honor over the field. The players earned the Eagles' nickname during the 1973/1974 season.
Scientists believe that the so-called mirror neurons - special nerve cells through which we can sense the emotions of the people we are dealing with - may be responsible for the ""connection"" between the players and the audience. The power of mirror neurons is such that they work even ""through the TV"", allowing fans to experience almost the same range of emotions on the screen as at the stadium.

Liverpool, UK

Everton fans prefer toffee to beer. They are served before the match by the Everton Lady, a girl in national costume chosen from among the cheerleaders. The tradition is more than a hundred years old. There was once a confectionery shop next to the stadium. It sold Everton toffee sweets. When the team moved to another stadium, a new store picked up the baton. But the granddaughter of the abandoned confectioner began to spread her candy in the stadium, and the players got the nickname Butterscotch.

London (Stratford), United Kingdom

Club fans amuse themselves in the stands with soap bubbles. In the 1920s, soap with a curly-haired boy in a soap bubble depicted on the label was in fashion. The child resembled one of the team's trainee players. The principal of the intern's school wrote new lyrics for the old pop song I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, glorifying the club. Gradually, the song became the team anthem. When the team scores a goal, unique cannons shoot bubbles, and the fans sing the song.

Cologne, Germany

The favorite pastime of Fuß ball Club Köln fans is kissing a goat. Not a real one, though, but a virtual one. When a video camera picks up a spectator from the crowd, on the screen above the stands, a muzzle of a goat appears next to the face of the lucky one, which he has to ""kiss"". This animal is the team mascot. In 1950, at the season-ending party, one of the guests presented coach Henness Weisweiler with a goat. Jokingly, the animal was nicknamed after him. Since then, seven goats have been changed. Henness VIII takes to the field wearing the club colors.

During particularly intense matches, the adrenaline level rises in the fans' blood. Its biological role is to allow the body to survive extreme stress and ensure maximum performance. Adrenaline directly affects the most critical systems of our body by changing their mode of operation. Among other things, it makes the heart beat faster and increases vascular tone, increasing blood pressure. Studies conducted during the 2006 FIFA World Cup have shown that the rate of hospitalizations for people with heart problems doubled during this period. So don't worry too much about the match's outcome - it's better to focus on the game's beauty and get positive emotions.

Leicester, UK

Fans greet the players with a hunting trumpet. The club was founded in 1884 as Leicester Foss. In 1919 the club changed its name to Leicester City. But in 1948, the head of a red-headed predator appeared on the soccer uniform, and in the 1980s, the players were nicknamed Foxes. The club's motto: ""Foxes never give up."" The county the team belonged to was famous for fox hunting.

Berlin, Germany

In winter, the Berlin Union fans learn Christmas carols instead of shouting. Fans with candles in their hands greet the players with choral singing. The tradition is 15 years old.

The home stadium, which seats about 25,000 people, can be called home by many fans. When the team had problems with finances, the fans were offered to become the club's shareholders. One share cost 500 euros. The stadium was built on the funds received from their sale, and the fans themselves worked on the construction site.

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Get crafty this holiday season and save - Today's MoneyMondays tip!

Monday, December 05, 2011

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