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Disability Toolkit

The Real Economic Impact Tour Disability Toolkit provides an outline of major steps for organizing a disability initiative in conjunction with an existing community based partnership.  The Toolkit is based in part on information developed/created from existing partnership activities, National Partners, and from various studies and research.  It also includes samples or “tools” from various efforts across the country that can be used as “go-bys” that you or your partners may choose to modify for use in your community. It is important to remember that each disability initiative will have its own set of individual circumstances (i.e. demographics of the community, organizations included in the initiative, etc.) and thus there is no “right” or “wrong” way for an individual community to proceed with its own work. 

This toolkit is simply a guide; each step noted in this toolkit does not need to be addressed in order for your efforts to be successful. The ability of local organizations and coalitions to tailor their activities to fit the needs of their community will be the ultimate factor in any disability initiative’s overall success.  It is intended that this Toolkit be used as a resource in developing a local disability initiative in conjunction with an ongoing community based partnership/coalition.  

Download the Toolkit  (560kb, Word)