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Real Economic Impact (REI) Network

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Connie Doty, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Michael Morris, Johnette Hartnett, Mimi Turchinetz, Bob Gallery

NDI's Michael Morris and Johnette Hartnett (3rd and 4th from left) pose with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (2nd from left) and other key Boston partners at the 6th Annual Mayor's Leadership Academy, September 27, 2011 in Boston.

National Disability Institute's Real Economic Impact (REI) Network is an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to a common mission the economic advancement of people with disabilities. With more than 900 partners in more than 100 cities across America, National Disability Institutes REI Network includes non-profits, community tax coalitions, asset development organizations, financial education initiatives, corporations and private-sector businesses, federal, state and local governments and agencies, and individuals with disabilities and their families all joining forces to embrace, promote and pursue access to and inclusion of people with disabilities in the economic mainstream.

As part of National Disability Institutes REI Network, members have access to the latest information, policy insights as well as tools and trainings across the full spectrum of National Disability Institutes expertise and initiatives to promote the economic advancement of all people with disabilities. Key focus areas include:

For organizations and individuals that have been part of National Disability Institutes Real Economic Impact Tour, you are already part of our REI Network. Theres nothing you need to do to keep getting the information and training youve come to expect from National Disability Institute. If you are new to National Disability Institute and would like to receive information about focus areas as part of the Real Economic Impact Network, sign up so we can stay in touch.