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NDI Staff member Laura Gleneck Participates in 2008 Annual Disability Status Report Rollout Webinar Back to news
Friday, March 19, 2010

On March 17th, Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute (EDI), rolled out its 2008 Disability Status Report through a webinar. The Annual Disability Status Reports, based on data from the American Community survey (ACS), provide policy makers, disability advocates, reporters, and the public with a summary of the most recent demographic and economic statistics on the non-institutionalized population with disabilities. The Status Reports primarily look at the working-age population because the employment gap between people with and without disabilities is a major focus of government programs and advocacy efforts. Employment is also a key factor in the social integration and economic self-sufficiency of working-age people with disabilities.

In 2008 the US Census Bureau made a number of significant changes to the ACS. These changes include an entirely new set of disability questions and the addition of two new topics of special interest to disability were added: health insurance coverage and veterans service-connected disability rating. The 2008 Report is available for download on EDIs Disability Statistics website. They both serve as a wonderful source for U.S. disability statistics.