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Collaboration with Sealund & Associates and Alaris Financial Literacy

Sealund - Alaris LogoNDI, in partnership with Sealund & Associates, will make the Alaris Financial Literacy Credit Management curriculum available to 10,000 low-income individuals with disabilities in the 100 cities on the Real Economic Impact Tour in 2010.

Alaris Financial Literacy enables participants to experience Life Scenarios, Games, Financial Calculators and Virtual Learning Environments accompanied by an avatar functioning as their personal mentor. The credit management curriculum will enable participants to better understand how to manage credit cards, understand credit card reports and the importance of maintaining strong credit scores to positively impact the ability to borrow funds for the purchase of a home, means of transportations, or other needs.

Since 1985, Sealund & Associates has pioneered the design, development and deployment of custom e-learning for Fortune 100 companies nationwide. In addition to the credit management curriculum, other online training programs that are part of the Alaris Financial Literacy product line include Budgeting, Identity Theft Protection, Debt and Money Management, and Investment and Retirement Planning.



For more information, please contact:
Judy Stengel - [email protected]

Barbara Sealund - [email protected]