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Steven Mendelsohn
Co-Principal Investigator and Researcher
Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University

Steven Mendelsohn is an attorney and advocate with nearly 30 years experience working for economic opportunity, legal and social equality for Americans with disabilities. A graduate of Columbia University Law School, he has written, trained and consulted extensively in a number of areas, including tax law and disability. Following the publication of his 1996 book "Tax Options and Strategies for People with Disabilities," he has offered tax analysis and tax policy advice to a number of organizations and contributed to a number of reports, task forces and legal reviews. He welcomes the opportunity to share his experience and resources with individual members of the disability community as well.

With the National Disability Institute (NDI) and the Burton Blatt Institute, he has worked to bring tax policy to bear on behalf of strategies, programs and proposed legal reforms aimed at enhancing the ability of low-income Americans with disabilities to save and build greater self-sufficiency through the acquisition of assets and financial education. In that connection, he has addressed the various sources of leverage offered through the tax system for achieving the goals of innovative proposals and demonstration projects. Mr. Mendelsohn has also worked closely with the NDI Real Economic Impact Tour in identifying unique issues faced by individuals with disabilities in their interactions with the tax system.