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David G. Hammis
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Senior Partner
Griffin - Hammis Associates, LLC

David Hammis is the Executive Director of the Center for Social Capital; Senior Partner at Griffin-Hammis Associates; National Technical Assistance Co-Director for Self-Employment Technical Assistance, Resources, & Training (START-UP/USA); and the Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Missouri Social Security Certification Training and technical assistance for SSA’s WIPA (Work Incentives Planning and Assistance) Program. Mr. Hammis provides on-site consultations including direct service and management issues to over 450 public and private entities internationally. Subjects range from understanding and developing Social Capital, Customized and Self-Employment, Social Security and benefit streams to job development and marketing to train the trainers, worksite teaching strategies, job restructuring, non-aversive behavior strategies, self-advocacy, non-profit management and leadership development, program planning, management, systems change, quality improvement, supported employment.

Mr. Hammis maintains an ongoing relationship with the Rural Institute at the University of Montana, where he served as Project Director for multiple self-employment, customized employment and Social Security outreach training and technical assistance projects including the Rural Institute’s Rural Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Expansion Design Project. He works with organizations nationally and internationally on customized employment, self-employment, benefits analysis, supported employment, and employment engineering. Mr. Hammis has worked in supported, customized and self employment since 1988 and is personally responsible for the implementation of hundreds of Plans for Achieving Self Support (PASS) leading to employment, self-employment, and enhanced personal resources for people with disabilities. In July, 1996, he received the International Association for Persons in Supported Employment Professional of the Year Award for his "Outstanding support and commitment to people with disabilities especially in the areas of Career Development and the use of Social Security Work Incentives.”