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You have questions; we have “REAL” answers!

Finding answers to questions about disabilities and assets can be tough. Everyday, individuals with disabilities, parents and family members as well as teachers, counselors and other allies search for a reliable source of information regarding:  

  • questions about the relationship between public benefits, income and resources that could cause loss of eligibility
  • challenges related to managing a budget and dealing with credit effectively
  • the opportunities to create income by being self-employed
  • other issues around financial planning and building a better economic future.

The National Disability Institute (NDI) and the Real Economic Impact Tour are pleased to announce that we have brought together leading experts to answer your questions that will help you make decisions to plan for and advance toward a better economic future. Questions about public benefits, tax credits and deductions, financial planning, trusts, savings, self-employment, Ticket to Work, and asset development will be answered by leading national experts.

You send us your questions. Every two weeks we will select questions to be answered by the experts.

Get REAL will provide reliable information, help you make informed decisions, and raise expectations that all across the country individuals with disabilities and families are creating a roadmap to follow on a path to a better economic future. Get REAL is all about Real Economic Impact. Real impact for you, a friend, a family and the Disability Community nationwide.

Since we will not be able to answer all individual questions, we will choose the questions with answers that will impact as much of disability community as possible. Answers will be archived so that you can find solutions at any time in the future by looking back at what the experts said. To ask a question to the Get REAL experts, click here!

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